Hanaya [outdoor prettiness!] CCW Hunt Gift

[Arent these such funky little Canvas Deck Chairs & Tables!]  Ty Moriko!  You can get these pretty animated sets fittingly entitled  Chocomint, Jellybean, Cupcake etc @ HANAYA (see link below)(psst..this is a CCWH Gift!).  Great shop btw & deffo worth a visit! It is filled with gorgeous collectables and all manner of quality pieces of  household & outdoor furniture..gazebos, flowers, floral arrangementsgarden trugs, art etc…the items are high quality + very affordable.  Make sure you take a good look around in the other rooms…

These super cute Candlelane Canvas Deck Chairs come in the prettiest colors (all have matching tables with the option of having a glass of “iced water“) See piccies below.  The animations are excellent & adjustable.  Love them! It is for this reason that I decided to snap a few of them which you can see below.  



Sipping Water“:

POSING!!  Whoops!  So sorry for exposure!


~ Animated Deck Chairs & Tables @ Hanaya (NEW! ) (known for “Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery” )

~inner.child Rug @  Zigana ($10)  

~Starry Lantern @ {what next} (Twinkle Night Bazaar)

~Summer Pergola (modified) @ Hoot (old gift)


~Amelie Skin @ Glam Affair (NEW!)

~Catriona Shape @ CS Shapes (NEW!)

~Lucia Hair @ Exile

~Morning After Tank @ Sacred Roses

~Picnic Leggings @ love.me

~ Boots, Necklace & Watch @ Miel

~Standing Poses @ Everglow

Phew..I think that’s most of the links.  Anyway,  ty for looking in! ((Xanthe))

 Psst…here is the Gazebo ( I sneaked a snap while in her shop :D)

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