[Nerd Project]..+ me shadows…

I got boy altie  out today & shuffled him into the tub for a little clean up & shine then popped him into a cosy Graduation Knitted Jumper & Baggy Mantae Shorts @ Nerd Project (LB WINs!)  (plus Knitted Scarf $5 only!)  This is a fantastic shop!  And… [Didnt he scrub up well!]  See full view below. Incidently I tried shadows (urg is all I can say).  I included some pics below to illustrate the maximum efforts I made (including no less than 10  rebakes & possibly the worst lag evvaaaa which sent me scrambling for the Quit button!). Then I ended up with the minimum effects below. Sniff* Anyway..I think I will focus on windlight settings next time. Shadows for me are just too hardBen Shape @ CS Shapes. Hair @ Shag.  Skin @ Glam Affair.  Headphones @ [NV] MadworldAirth Boots @ Theosophy.  Piercings @ [Acide] Male Model poses @ Happy Dispatch.

Here is one With some shadow:  

Without Shadows:

 Urg  jaggies but the outfit is grreat!

Thanks for looking in! ((Xanthe))


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