[LOVE this look!] Rather than going for full on glam with the new Amelie Skin @ Glam Affair (see link below) , I  opted out for a pretty “lolita” look which reminds me of shopping in the pretty little Florentine Mercato dei Pulci..blissss…maybe one day very sooon 🙂

Couldnt decide whether or not to include this one below so you getting it anyway :p

This look is pretty easy to achieve.  First, you need the fabulous Amelie Skin @ Glam Affair in Natural D 08 (Aida is very  generous and you basically get little pack of skins with different shades lippy for only $999!).  Catriona Shape @ CS Shapes (New).  Floral Headress @ Y&R (Greedy Hunt).  Pretty Immaculate Orange Dress is new @ Priss ([LOVE Erin’s creations!]. Pigtail Hair is @ Exile. Jewell Earrings (part of a set) @ Atelier AM. Poses @ BENT!  Sunday Straw BagPiCHi (TOSL offer) .  Gotta run and ty for peeking! ((Xanthe))

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