Pretty Catriona Shape (New!)


Another pretty shape from moi which some of you might love as much as I do! I named Catriona after my Italian cousin who  has a similar look (though not the hair which I know she would kill for!) :).  This is such a great look that I would happily wear for yonks! Catriona  Shape @ CS Shapes is kinda medium height so hopefully will have a wide appeal & super curvy of course with lovely pouty face. I especially love the wide hips & cute butt on this shape! (Looks great in low rise jeans).  Suits lots of skins and I have been happily experimenting.  Anyway, give her a spin & see what you think :D.  The beautiful Kiowa Bracelets are from Elemental Earth Designs (Summer is deffo the time to jazz up your swimsuits & bikinis with big, bold, chunky jewellery! :)).  Hair is kik. Swimsuit @ 5th & Oxford ($50 Closing Sale).  Worth a look..but hurry though! Not sure how long the shop will be open. There are some wonderful tea dresses & lingerie sets for sale.  Poses @ Marukin. Further info & STYLING in the pack. Thankx for peeking! Moroccan Eyes @ Poetic Colors ((Xanthe))



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