Ooh how lucky am I… (!)

Well..for starters…I received this lovely Luna Lumiel Peachy Skin from Kaethe @ *Leafy* (ty!) (to mark the 4th July Independence Day Celebrations..sorry for late postie btw ).  And secondly, I won a couple of LB Vintage Style Tops  from a nearby cute little shop called Bonne Chance!   And I may add that the neighbouring newly renovated Osaka SIM is stunning! I had originally gone to the SIM to buy some Marukin Poses (which are some of my favorite poses!  She currently has a Gift of 3 poses called “Peaux Poses (look for black box on shelf) .  It is such a beautiful SIM, landscaped in bright autumnal colors.  Lots of gorgeous shabby chic shops to rent (ooooh I wish I wish…but a little out of my price range for a satellite store).  I snapped the pics whilst there as the backdrops were soo scenic. I wont supply all the links as most can be easily located. Vintage Tops @ Bonne Chance (LB Wins). Willow Shape @ CS Shapes. Hair @ Kik.  Vintage Headdress @ Fore.  Bracelet & Necklace @ Miel.  Gift poses @ Marukin. Hat @ *Ribbon*. Lochlon Boots @ Theosophy. Mango Jeans above @ Koketka, Unisex MyJeans below @ A&M.  All poses @ Marukin (Gifts).  Thanks for looking in! ((Xanthe))


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