“Get down whichyoraltie…(!)”

I hadn’t intended to blog today but was at Hair Fair & the new  Truth District with my low lag altie & created this look for her more for fun than anything else.  The entire look is an eclectic mixture of previous gifts which I found in her rather miniscule invent but I kind of dig the final look so thought I would share it.  The Skin is the new Curio Airhead Giftie Skin to mark the opening of Truth District.  Find  the skin in Truth Distric Update Group in the notices).  Ty Gala!  Silver Madam Necklace is by Happy Finds (previous Gift).  Mai Hair @ D!VA.  Wolves White Tee by Pig (look her Purveyors of Accidental Love Group..check Notices).  Shape is Sandy @ CS Shapes. Part of the Outfit is by {severed garden} (earlier Zombie Popcorn Hunt Gift item).  Piercings @ {Acide}. Vintage Leggings @ Divine Pic taken at NoctisCap @ {Bedlam}. Have an execellent weekend! ((Xanthe))


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