Fruit cocktail, anyone?

Extraordinary Tanabata Skin by My Ugly Dorothy.  Just stunning…sweet tangrine stained lips, a little runny tear and childlike innocence. Gorgeous! Find this skin at the Twinkle Night 2011 event.I confess I love these wonderful Japanese themed events waaay too much & they are likely to put me in the red.  I hot foot it  to buy a lot of the items on special offer. In truth I am thrilled that these events occur..they have an equalizing effect on that old chestnut “freebie culture”  so all good :). Most of the items are less that $100..some even as little as $10. You will find My Ugly Dorothy, Mocha, {what next}, Mother Goose, Mikan, R2, Love Soul, Soup etc and many more!  See Blog link.

Orhime like a Flower Dress is{u.f.o}. Hair by MikanSkin by My Ugly Dorothy (find these items at the Twinkle Night 2011).  The other items are:  Beattie Shape @ CS ShapesLeilani Corsage @ LaGyo (Subscribo Gift).  Poses @ Marukin.  Tray of fruit in top pic is by Poche (find it at the Random Museum event but hurry!)  Eyes @ Umedama Holic. Kawaii Lashes @ Croire.   Butterfly Watch @ Baby Monkey (New!)


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