Pretty Miss Beattie…


New pretty Beattie Shape @ CS Shapes in the adorable, dewy soft, pouty Elly Skin @ Pink Fuel. I usually don’t rise with the tide or follow trends but this is one skin that I am really happy to have ridden on the crest of the wave as it really is very, very purdey skin! (check out those lips!) I went for the Pure/Angelic option but Mochi is soo generous she included a large set of lippies in the pack to make you look even more fabulous!   These snaps are largely untouched, aside from tidying up a few stray hair prim so it is a true reflection of how the skins look in world on my viewer. Prettiness all around. BEATTIE Shape is a lovely, girlie shape with a slightly sporty body though still nice & curvy.  And if you like the Olivia Hair you can find it at Buttercups & Krew. ($50)   It is the creator’s first attempt at hair and I think a very good one.  The hair is modifiable which makes it easier to snap piccies too!  Classic Morrocan Night Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Gift)  I bought the gorgeous Lingerie @ Fishy Strawberry (TDR) a few weeks ago & saved it for a rainy day.  That day came as the Lingerie looks perfect for this soft, feminine look.   Silver Bracelet is *ByKay*. Poses @ Everglow.  Thanks ever so much for peeking! I am always chuffed when peeps take an interest in my simple snaps 🙂  ((Xanthe))


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