Mamboo Group Gift & other stuffs….

Yup..I love this new Chic Bell Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Gift).  Undeniably talented & very sweet from what I have seen in her Group, this really is a gorgeous Gift! Join fee but worth it.  Leona’s skins are evolving into a very unique, distinctive style and I especially like the glowy tints around the face.  Jennifer Latino Style Shape @ CS ShapesHair @ D!VA (2nd Anniversary Gift).  Straw Hat @ [Sleepy Eddy] Gift @ the Sounds Gravis Beach festa event (see details in earlier post). Round Necklace @ JD Designs

Purple dress @ Ducknipple (Bitter Rabit Hunt). Garden Party Shoes @ Eclectica. PosesApple SpiceSofa  & Sunflower @[mdrm] (Gift @ Sounds Gravis Beach festaRug @ CACHESocks @ Grixdale.  White tee (part of the Gretal Outfit @  ISON .  Full look below.  (((Xanthe)))


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