Little Thomasina…it’s all child’s play it is!

Look Mommy, whatth’sss up my nose…” giggles“…. Yes, after some contemplation (and I admit I have been reluctant for some time to create a child shape for various reasons), but I finally relented & made this little THOMASINA Shape* @ CS Shapes.  I realised that for some, “child play” & regression into kiddiessphere provides an outlet for many of the childlike qualities that we all have (in differing degrees of course!).  One only has to think how we feel when hurt, or when we accidentally cut ourselvs..we seek sources of comfort and reassurance.  Anyway, here is my version & hopefully you will be able to express your impish, mischievous and innoscent side too!  Have fun! 

 The Zeda Hair is @ [Me.].  The pretty Fille Dress is Worlds End (Gift-ty Lucia!). Nose Crayon & Earrings @ Sanu.  Eyes @ Umedama Holic. Bloom Poses @ BENT!  ((Xanthe)))


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