Hello again Duckie..


As you can see I am continuing my love affair with Ducknipple  designs…a cute Tartan Orange little Tank & Mini-Skirt which I have thrown over denims (my favorite look as you know!).  And the colorful Bangles are from JD Designs (a must have for summer I think).  I am kinda of loving my dolly look though this time I am using another shape, Sandy.  I have included a couple more longitudinal shots below if you like the entire look or backdrops.

Creditos (not adding all links but feel free to toss me IM if you get stuck 😛 )

~Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes (Summer Breeze Hunt)

~Orange Oufit @ Ducknipple (TOSL Hunt)

~Zedva Hair @ [Me.]

~Tsubura Eyes @ Umedama Holic

~Mango Jeans @ Koketka (New)

~Bangles @ JD Designs (New)

~Golden Boots @ Ri.celli (TDR)

~Feather Necklace @ Zenith (Summer Breeze Hunt)

~Fairy Garden Hair Butterfly @ Needful Things (Summer Breeze Hunt)

~Golden Crown on HeadColorful Chaos

~Poses @ Flowey


~Settle Back Chair by sur (Strawberry Hunt @ Where it Begins)

~Plant @ Tatty Soup (go check this cute shop!)

~Watering Can @ Clematis

~Shabby Chic Textures @ [K.O] Framelight Textures

 Gosh am tired…Zzzzzz .  Ty for peeking!  ((Xanthe))


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