Leather Ducknipple…& stuffs..


Well I have gone for a dark & dare I say, a “sexy” look this time…smokin’.  Besides, I wanted to make a little feature something from DucknippleIt was unquestionably difficult to choose not least cos I liked so many things!  But I settled for this Leather Dress ($125).  The Dress comes in several colors & the shading is really quite super!  It also matched a couple of my other little finds today (check out the Leather Bracelet & Necklace which are Group Gifts @ Sole Accessory).  Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes (Summer Breeze Hunt).  Luna Skin in Lune Violet @ *Leafy*.  Tsubura Eyes @ Umedama Holic.   The fabulous Milania Hair is @ [Me.] (New).  Black Hair Corsage @ Tomoto.  Pikslydeath Mouth Piercing @ [Acide]. Couldnt decide which pics to include here so you get them all am afraid!

And I guess I ought to show you the “killer” SEXY Black Boots @ Fierce Designs.(!!).  Love the purple velvety Sofa & Lamp props in the backdrop (gifts on the Black Butler Hunt @ Noctis.)  Backdrop Shabby Chic Textures @ K.O. Framelight TexturesPoses @ BENT! & also Everglow. Thank you for looking in! (((Xanthe))




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