Sitting Pretty….


If you look closely you will see “What an asshole” tat. Something am sure we often mutter to ourselves when confronted with a certain type of character XD.  Anyway….sitting pretty!  This has to be one of my favorite looks of all time…floral dresses over jeans combo.  It is how I dress in RL so was delighted when this look worked in SL.  A special thank you to Ducknipple on the Summer Breeze Hunt for the pretty Spring Dress! The Dress comes with a black sweater but the piccie which included the sweater didn’t turn out well.  So sorry.  Anyway, Beanster Potato is a real gem & gives out amazing gifts! If you are a fan as I am (and I will have to follow this through too when I log in…) please visit Ducknipple & see if something catches your eye to buy.  Be lovely to surprise Beaster on her next login (no pressure of c course but it would be rather nice! :)) .  Couple more piccies below: 


~Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes (SBH)

~Lindsay Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Group Gift)

~Pout Lipstick @ Curio

~Floral Dress (comes with black Sweater) @ Ducknipple (SBH)

~Feather Necklace @ Zenith (SBH) Male option for Necklace included in pack

~Mango Jeans @ Koketka (New)

~Ikat Swell Sneakers @ Reek (FLF) Male option in pack

~Garvagh Stool @ {theosophy} (Tip: half price sale so go grab a few bargains!)

~Storage Sofa @ MMGrafiti  (Lucky Board item)

~Blue Vase @ North West

~Joss Hair @ Kletva

~Leather Bracelets @ Yabusaka

~”What an asshole” Tattoo @ Ah Flou (part of the SBH outfit)

Thanks for peeking! ((Xanthe))




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