Gotta love tats!  This is a kind of mixed up look but I like it <333.  I created a lovely shape for the Summer Breeze Hunt (Sandy Shape) @ CS Shapes (SBH Gift). I gave her a round, cutie face and an equally round bottiebum! So rather womanly but with a rather young face.  “Coming of age” shape I guess.  Sandy Shape suits the lovely Lindsay Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Group Gift Join fee). Top & Shorts @ Shush (SBH Gift).  (Comes with prim top by the way which I haven’t included cos of the tats which are the “Ho Sugar” Tattoos @ URCo…..the Hair is Kletvia @ TDR.  Lashes by Glow @ TDR. Poses @ Magnifique.  Props (Pears and Napkins @ Clutter (TOSL Gatcha Fair ).  Joss Hair by Kletva @ (TDR). Wooden Table is @ :aju:: (LB Gift) For the original vendor pic I used Alice Skin in Tutti Fruitti @ Damned which is also quite pretty (see below). Turquoise Lingerie below is by Zaara (half price limited sale). Hair below is Iced Coffee @Loq (also TDR) Darn am tired…time for sleeep…Zzzzzzzzzz  ((Xanthe)))


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