Hangin’ in there…haaallllp*

Aww..it must feel like that sometimes..2 steps forward and one step back on the metaphorical treadmill that is life *LOL* but..keep on moving I guess..a rolling stone gathers no moss as the saying goes XD …Anyways……these little pics were snapped quickly last night and cropped during my lunch while I munched on sammies.  Cute little outfit which took ermm…all of 1 minute to put together!  The White Rolled Denim Shortie  set is @ Paper.doll (SBH) which I matched with theWhite Sheer Tank @ BeLote (June Group Gift). Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes (SBH). Lindsay Skin is Mambo Chic (Group Giftie).  Oddyssee Necklace is LOULOU@CO (SBH). “Hallp…Hanging Chair” is {what next} (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)(so cute..see full pic below).  Gold Facial Tattoo @ [White Widow] (SBH).  White Bracelet @ *JD *Design (Gift).  Jessica hair @ KeLiebe.  Click Summer Breeze Hunt to start this fab hunt!  Really loving the items on this Hunt.  I will be blogging some of the items on the TOSL Hunt this weekend which is also packed with goodies!  Have fun!  ((Xanthe))


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