Scarlett* + ::Cool Beans:: Bikini’s (new)


Awww..this is the sultry, pretty, tall super-curvy Scarlett* Shape..kinda reworked  (bit more boobs & bum).  And…the fabulous Bean-kinis in tropical blissy colors @ ::COOL BEANS:: . (please see links below).  I have been raving about this store recently so its really great to see a bit more of her stuff being featured.  I am showing just a few of the kini’s but there are several others that you might like to try out! Minimal editing in these shots so it’s all kinda how it all appears in World.  And finally, those amazing eyes are on half price sale @ Poetic Colors.  I wish I could have bought the entire store…sigh* lol




~Scarlett Shape @ CS Shapes (New) Reworked

~Luna-Lune Skin (cleavage not included) @ *Leafy*(Kaethe has other skins in store which have been reworked from previous.  Good price too!)

~Midnight Eyes @ Poetic Colors ($50 sale)

~Bridget Hair @ [Me.] Hair

~Bikinis (from a selection) @ ::COOL BEANS::

~Mouthies & Camera Necklace @ ::Colorful Chaos:: (Gatcha & LB)

~Hair Flowers (from a selection) @ Artilleri

~Poses @ Everglow

~Mouthie & Necklace @ (thanks to GoGo who looked fab in her spoon mouthie, I think I rather like mouthies.  They kinda appeal to that by-gone age of colorful lollipops, sucking your thumb or chewing on your raggie as a child:). Hmm..I may also need to visit Sanu soon…

Happy Friday y’all.  See you soon!  ((Xanthe))


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