Some lovely finds….

Ooh SL has been a demon today!  Due to rezzing issues & lag (*YAWN*)…these are the best shots I managed to salvage from a measly selection of snaps but I hope are ok (couldn’t really face redoing the whole lot again & besides the pull of a Starbucks coffee & Sunday papers was far too great! Anyway, you get the general idea of the items in the piccies.  There are some interesting goodies in this post so be sure to check out the credits below. Sorry if it appears all over the place. I desaturated the last snap just for fun btw though I think next time I might try & control the tool to effect more subtle changes perhaps.  Anyway, hope you find something you like from my forages on a rainy Sunday afternoon ((Xanthe))


~Skin by Glam Affair  @ The Dressing Room ($70) (comes with a super selection of glammy lipsticks!)

~Willow Shape @ CS Shapes

~Black Hat & Rose Headdress @ LaGyo (“Gift” Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

~Penelope Hair @ [Me.] (New)

~Black Lace Dress @ ::Natural:: (Black Butler Hunt)

~Table, Washbasin & 2 chairs & Chandelier @ Clutter (TOSL Special)

~ZP Black Brocade Chair @ Tableau Vivant (Zombie Popcorn Hunt Gift)

~Emo Ballerina Shoes @ MunSpain

~Poses @ BENT! (The Essential Pack @ Chic Birthday event)

~Skybox @ ::aju:: (Gift)-(I modified this skybox btwTip: 3 fab LB’s here too!  (see pic below)The ::aju:: skyboxes are great too!


::aju:: Lucky Boards which you might find useful for your home or props..









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