*Leafy* Luna Skin (stunning new make-ups!)

These extraordinarily beautiful skins are the new range of Luna make-ups @ Leafy (Doll, Sugar,Violet, Bell, Cat to name a few). Impossibly soft, lush, pouty, sexy, colorful (I could go on…:) ).  They are so seamless & pretty you are bound to love them too! I was just soo thrilled to receive them (ty so much Kaethe!) that initially I was a lil’ anxious that I may not do them justice. But I kept the look really natural & simple and I think the skins speak for themselves.  Love the healthy collection of moles and freckles on the body too.  Very natural looking skins. Ialso have Luna “Toffee” which I will feature next time 🙂

It is remarkable that after an absence of a year from SL, Kaethe has quickly created some of the most stunning collections I have seen this year!  And the beauty of these skins is a testament to her skills as a designer.  She has placed her own stamp of individuality…they are just sooo unique (which is something we all love in SL). Anyway here are a few more make-ups to drool over…. 😛 Incidentally you get a lovely choice of eyebrow shades, freckle options & tones to choose from.  In this case I went for fair brows cos of blondie head lol. 


Gorgeous aren’t they?!  Willow Shape @ CS ShapesHibi Hair Flowers @ Artilleri (excluding the one second from bottom which is from Puargani Designs though shop now closed.  Sorry) Madrid Hair @ Simply BritneePoses @ Happy DispatchEyes @ Umedama Holic.  PS  Kaethe has an interesting collection of skins coming up soon too! They are very different  indeed 😀  (((Xanthe)))


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