BooBoo the Falconette & Altie “away day”….

Aww..I spent a little time with my little altie  earlier..great escapism from notices & IM’s.  I tossed her $50 and this is the look she ended up with (helps that she belongs to a few good Groups :P).  And check out BooBoo her Falconnette!  BooBoo flies, is “animated” and “squawks” when you touch her.  Seems they are inseparable now so BooBoo is included in the snaps too! LOL.  

I have included a few pics so you can see she flies, perches and preens her feathers too.  Sooo cute!  Much as I love my hungry kittycats it’s rather fun to a low maintenance pet such as this for little “altie” seeing as she rarely makes an appearance these days!

The only lindens that were exchanged for this look was $50 for the Miyu Hair @ Nodoka.  See below for other credits: 


~Sairiose Skin@ Mamboo Chic (Group Gift) Join fee.

~Sienna Shape @ CS Shapes

~Cosmic Dream Eyes @ Poetic Colors (previous Gift)

~Miyu Hair @ Nodoka ($50)

~Girly Floral Headband @ Prissa (Subscribo)

~White Tank ~ Belote (Group Gift)

~Striped Sweater (part of an outfit) @ Milk Motion (LB Win)

~Black Jeans @ Cool Beans (Group Gift)

~Backdrop Leafy Bench @ LISP (previous Seasons Hint Giftie)

~Falcon (animated) @ Sarcastic (MM Board)

Poses were a little thin on the ground but thanks to Tram  and agapee I managed to take a few reasonable shots!  (((Xanthe)))


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