Been one of those days when I just wanted to “retreat” & do a Marlene Deitrich…..*SIGHHHH* ^^…so I escaped to PS…and somehow I lost myself in layers!..So here are the results of my escapism..nothing clever but a lil’ fun for me :P.  Besides I rather liked this white & black Ivana Dress from Blue Blood (see credits below) & so thought it deserved a lil’ attention…

I love Cat’s BENT! Poses…they reflect so much of what would otherwise remain hidden.  So here are a few more pics. Also, the Dress can be worn 2 ways as you can see below.  Fab isn’t it?

Style 1

Style 2Hmmm…ok so that’s it.  Sooo…Ivana White Dress is new @ Blue Blood. ( Lots of layering options in this outfit btw and a number of colors to choose from).  Willow Shape @ CS Shapes.  Skin @ Grixdale.  White Blindfold @ Picnic ($30 Gatcha Love this shop! Quirky bits and pieces and oooh…the boots..boy alt will be in for a little treat soon me thinks! :p).   Cute Ballet Shoes @ Tomoto ($1 Cupcake Opening Gift) .  Poses @ BENT! Milky Nails @ Mandala.  Darla Hair @ Magika .  Time for chocolate :P. Have fun..(((Xanthe)))


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