The one & only *G Field* Maxi Dress…


Woww..hard not to love this Maxi Dress!  *G Field* (Subscribo Gift)..possibly the best one I have ever had the privilege to own.  Ty!  Apologies for the over enthusing but this is such a lovely gift..(and likely require surgical spirts to be removed off ‘ol Xanthers). Heh heh. And…the new shoes are a must-have. Hope to get these tomorrow.  Couple more piccies below. Gosh..I think the excitement was far too much as eyes dropping slightly (it’s late here) so I will be heading off to beddies shortly (and dream of that elusive beach somewhere hot) :D. Olive Hair @ kik.  Shoulder Bag @ [Needful Things] (Group Gift- $60 join fee).  Willow Shape @ CS Shapes. Pout Skin @ Curio. Bloom Doll Poses @ BENT! (New). Nite nite ((Xanthe)) Zzzz…(PS if you get stuck with any links please feel free to IM me in world.


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