Exotic, colorful Suki skins @ Mar Creativity Studio


Hello  there!  I actually snapped these pics over the weekend & it was all pretty effortless aside from rezzing issues. And this is how these colorful, exotic Suki skins from Mar Creativity Studio appear on my viewer in World.  Please note that  I am only featuring a few of the make-up options in the Pale palette  (PC rezzes at the pace of a snail which limited the number of skins I was able to snap). But at least it gives you a flavor of these Asian inspired skins which have matt tones, glossy lips & colorful/muted eyeshadow. Interesting use of tones & colors, particularly on the lips & eyes, the impact of which makes the skins quite striking!   There are darker tones available if you prefer.  Just for fun, I created a lovely new shape for this skin Hannah @ CS Shapes.(New)  Just an option for anyone who might like the same effect above.  More of Hannah Shape in the next post!  Blonde hair is Sixty Nine.  Blue Eyes @ Umedama Holic (New)


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