Cuteness, color and a bit of sexy…

This pic just makes me want to be on some tropical island sipping cocktails. Bliss. No such luck.  Instead stuck in southern England on a cold wet day.  Aww..anyway, this is the new quirky Tamsin Shape @ CS Shapes in the striking new Blue Retro Bikini @ [SE*Designz] . Wonderful shading & detail on this bikini which would look awesome for beach parties.  And Tamsin Shape is a rather petite shape with quirky facial features and a body that I would describe as more “pear”…so we talking small bust with wide hips here. A fun shape  :p. Pretty Skin above is Yummy @ JeSyLiLo (no 10). Love this skin in all it’s glorious red glossiness!   Feathered Songbird Hair is Shag, Stray Cat Eyes @ Umedama Holic (LB Win).  Pose @ Everglow

Below is the cheeky but rather sexy Hannah Shape @ CS Shapes. Another natural shape which I styled a little on the youngish side.  I ran out of lingerie so cheeky Hannah is just in her widely popular Curio Pout skin. The cute Fruit Jewellery is from [Needful Things] on [Where is… Hunt].  Check out the fabby, quaintly named Unbirthday Redux Hair from Lamb (Gift) <333 Gorgeous color! (BloodFruit). I edited it a little to fit in with the pose. Btw, you get tons of options in the pack. (And I hope Lamb won’t mind the cheeky pics below). Usually I cover up but the cute Bloom Doll Pose from BENT! allowed me to be a little adventurous 😀 Ty Cat!

 That’s it. Thank you for peeking in.  (((Xanthe))) xoxo


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