Hopeless romantic ….

Goodness…well continuing on the “fluffy” theme….this look was inspired out the same feeling I get before have this impulse to FILL the house with flowers!  If am feeling under the weather (or a bit low)… I try surround myself with things that make me happy & of course avoid anything that errm…has the opposite effect!  I didnt quite fill the house with flowers (just a small bunch of fat Tulips in peach). And here in SL…another pretty girlie look ..awww  :D. Squashy LOVED this hair btw.  She said she liked the way it moved especially.  (And Squashy is super fussy about her hair! 🙂 ).

Now if you like handrawn clothing then you might like Priss clothes.  Pretty, delicate textures like this lovely Comfy Floral Dress which is  part of a great collection…anyway..worth checking out this shop. Find other credits below: 


~ Luna Skin @ Leafy (New)

~Willow Shape @ CS Shapes (New)

~Cherrypie Nude Glossy Lipstick @ [American Bazaar]  (New)  (ty Missqwerty!)

~Keely Hair @ [Me.] (New)

~Comfy Floral Dress @ Priss (check this shop out! Adorable clothes!)

~Hopeless Romantic Rose Necklace @ Legit

~Ballet Flats @ Tram

~Poses @ Apple Spice

~Chair & Dummy Props @ *Comfy Within*

~Eyes @ Umedama Holic

Nite nite ((Xanthe))


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