Cream Chiffon Chemise @ Fore + more prettiness!


It was nice to wear this Tess skin@ Laq which I popped on Tara Shape @ CS Shapes.  I was gonna use a lippy with the skin but kinda liked the lips as there are so retained the look in all its glorious pouty  prettiness!  Anyway, this post is a thank you to Fore who have just given her group members this Cream Chiffon Chemise (Group Gift @ Fore).  Its’ plain simplicity allowed me to go for overkill with the fabulously girlie BC322 Skull & Bones Ms.Rose Hair ( just for fun!) :D.  So no effort was spared in the full overkill. Love it!

You can get a better view of the dress below.  The ballet pumps  didnt rezz so hence a little discreet editorial chop at the knees…ouch! Poor ol Xanthers.   Incidentally, I love Clutter furniture. The set below is the Siobhan’s Kitchen which looks great in any shabby chic setting.  Great animationson the chairs too!  So go get some CLUTTER! :p  Plus she designs fab jewellery. I have a set to blog (you can’t really see the earrings that well in this post.  Sorry. Had probs with rezzing but the full set is coming up shortly! Poses are Apple Spice and Everglow.  Rug is $10 @ La’Licious. Check out this store btw.  It’s fab.  Amaliscious Destiny runs “Spruce up your Space”  :D. The Studio Sky Box was a gift in the recent Seasons Hunt @ L2 Studio.  Really love this skybox which you may have noticed I use rather a lot for my pictures.  Eyes @ Umedama Holic. That’s it I think.  Thankies for peeking in. ((Xanthe)).



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