Truffles is back in a “foxy” mood!

Waaay helllooo!  (Truffles is my nickname btw just in case you were wondering the relevance of it in the title). Or MadameLeTruffles (as some call me…cheeky monkeys that they are :p).  Anyways…nice to be back blogging!  I have been SOO busy painting & decorating my little SL shop (man it’s hard work.  I can safely say that I just about escaped near blindness due to the sheer concentration & eye-popping focusing required to move & align prims.  Ugh.  Plus I nearly  missed out on this AMAZING Feral FoxFur Stole from Eclectica.  Ty Tiffy!  The girl is a genius.  And I know some of you might be a little “aghast” at such a sight…but in England…although we love our little  foxes (which can also be found roaming suburban streets) ….their numbers do have to be controlled in some way as they are a pest to farmers (especially to chickens, sheep, lambs, etc).  I wont go into the debate over blood sports….it has largely been banned in England in the sense that the beagles aren’t allowed to tear them to pieces anymore.  Instead they do have be shot humanely.  Anyway..LOVE this sexy look which I threw together on the spur of the moment.  Check out the links below and thankx for peeking! 😀 .  See you soon! 


~Feral FoxFur Stole in Chocolate @ Eclectica (New!) Comes in several other colors too!

~Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes

~Luna Skin @ *Leafy* (SE 2011)

~SMIMB Hair @ 69 ($50 Sale)

~Jeans @ Cynful (part of a set on Special $30 Marketplace)

~Wrapover Half Rounder Top in Tan @  {Silenced}

~Apricot Headband @ C’est la Vie

~Picture on Wall and Kitchen Table & Chair @ Clutter (previous TOSL>>> I will try and include this set in full next time.  It’s fab!)

~Poses @ Everglow


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