Pretty Nana Skin & Other Goodies

Oooh…I think we have ourselves a blossoming skin creator who is designing all manner of lovely skins!  This natural, soft looking Nana Skin @ Foxy Avatar. Ty Carolina! The ones I am featuring above & below are paler versions though it does come in darker versions with hairbase & cleavage.  It is very pretty skin with very unique, pouty lips and rather soft looking oriental eyes.  :).  Great skin.  Do visit this stylish little store (I especially loved the Vamp skin :p).  The  Black Lace Top above is @ [M2M]  (New). Harem Pants are also [M2M] (Subscribo). Ty Yumi! Sorry I have not shown the pants in full. Nicole Shape @ CS Shapes Hair @ Shag.  Eyes @ Umedama Holic.  White Nails @ Mandala.  Orchid @ Artilleri.  Jewellery Poses @ HelaMiyo.

More girlie look below:

Awww..all silliness & sweetness :).  The cute Watering Can Piercing is a Group Gift @ [Needful Things] ($60 join fee but you get super cute stuffs :P)  Blue Spring Victorian Dress @ {Silenced} Comes with Hair  & Gift on the GTP Hunt).  The Trina Hair (worn) @ [Me.] Poses  above are {flowey}.  Oh gosh I better eat before I faint! Have fun! (((Xanthe)))


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