Good Hair ordinary day (clearly!)


In case you were wondering…no I have not gone mad.  Well not completely anyway.  Just slightly maybe a little kooky with the “LOD“.  Totally LOVE this Ricca Hair @ BC322 Skull & Bones.  Dont want to take it off (evvaaaa).  Love its silly girlieness so went a bit mad on the pink fluffy look.  The hair especially appeals to my sense of desperation about my hair in matter how MUCH I try to straighten my springs back to its curls. LOL.  And I suspect this frustration will lead me (one day) to go completely kooky and greet my public wearing everything and anything I can find to attach to my hair.  It will me my “very bad hair” moment of hell. :D.  Skin @ Filthy (New Group Gift). Missqwerty Shape @ CS Shapes. Mochi Rice Cake @ Sanu. Bag @ Sweet Leonard (Group Gift $60 fee).  Bangles & Ring @ Pepper ([Where is..Hunt].  White Dress @ DeeTaleZ [Where is..Hunt]. (please see the earlier post for start link for Hunt etc).  Poses @ Marunkin.Bikini in top Pic is Cool Beans.


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