“Love the look AF!”

I have a friend who is a real SL Fashionista. Loves SL fashion (it helps she has an abundance of lindens & like me, spends what she can, however minutiae the contribution is, as we are both aware that many creations take an inordinate length of time to design and then of course, there are the upload fees & land rentals to consider. Anyway, Savvy Fashionista notices everything & generally buzzes around collecting the latest “must-haves”. Good on her too! Here is how the conversation went earlier: Savvy Fashionista: “Wow. Show me your hands. They look nice! Where are the Bracelets from?” Accidental Fashionista: “Ty! Well they are “New” from JD Designs. Fabulous aren’t they? They come in several colors. Kinda hard to decide which ones I liked the best! Anyway here is the slurl to JD Designs” 😀

  SF: “Oh wow Missy. Great poses! Way to go girl!” AF: ” Haha..aren’t they just! You can get these poses from Apple Spice & BENT! Fab for photo shoots and they give your snaps a little fun edge!” . 

SF: “Pretty shape!” AF: “Aww yeah..it’s super cute. Current Group Gift @ CS Shapes. Though I would get it soon if I were you. It’s on Limited Offer atm”. Meanwhile SF is rapidly making mental notes though doesn’t want to appear too perve the entire outfit so discretely “inspects” the Hair which she discovers is from [Me.] Hair (Angelina), and the Patterned Boots from S@abbia  Savvy Fashionista knows this is great stuff and rapidly *teepeeze* to the locations to grab her booties  and goes off to play “dollies”.  Job done.   Another satisfied fashionista.  LOL. The poses from Apple Spice and BENT! are great aren’t they? Here are a couple more shots.  *Grins* .  Socks @ Boom.  And Eyes @ Umedama Holic :))

Incidentally, the gorgeous flowing Dress is @ Solita (Help Japan Special).  Love it! 😀  ((Xanthe)))


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