Cool Limes & subtle Olives….

 Hmm..not sure I could ever hold a lime in my mouth without my eyes streaming and effecting a contorted sour face(’≧д≦;).  Anyway lots of goodies in this look..a lovely collection of imaginative gifts and special offers.  I hope ol’ scatterbrains here can remember them all…キャー(>ω<*)ノノ田♥

 The pretty Olive Top below is @ Indi Designs and on Special Offer on the TOSL event. Goes very well with jeans but you can match it up with shorts or a mini for a cheeky look…

Runny Allergy  Eyes seen below are rather fabby and can be found on the Seasons Hunt @ Hoot.


~Olive Spring Top @ Indi Designs (TOSL)

~Silk Mini Olive Dress @ STC

~Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes

~Forever Fresh Eye Make-up @ Pididdle (TSH Gift)

~Hair @ Mach (Opening Gift)

~Green Allery Eyes @ Hoot (TSH Gift)

~Lime in Mouth & Hanging Lamps @ Nordari (TSH Gift)

~In Spring Animated Bed @ [*Art Dummy] (TSH Gift)

~Cream Boots @ COCO (TDR Special)

~Poses @ Magnifique Poses


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