Contemplative look…

Hmm..had a moment of contemplation this morning. Suddenly felt claustrophobic & hemmed in so I took myself off to my local Parish Church in England (a beautiful listed building dating back to the 18th Century).  Why?   Well…whilst I am not a regular attendee, I had this urge to shut the world out for a bit &  just THINK …kinda like getting your house in order.  It certainly  concentrates the mind on what is really important in your life. The effect of which was, well….I sorted something out that I have neglected for some time plus  came to one or two other personal decisions.  :).  And now I need a nap after all that hard thinking.  And maybe a cookie 😀

Now this look…I think what is soo adorable above are the “Parted Lips”  from Tuli (Free!).  Aren’t they just soooooo cute? (!) .  They are the prettiest I have seen so far and I actually LOVE them! (And that is saying something as I have avoided teeth thus far).  ‘Ol Xanther’s looks 10 years younger !LOLZ.  And the rest… the Angelina Hair @ MeTashy Shape @ CS Shapes.  Pretty Sunrise Top is Sur+ ( Flea market Special @ $25) .  Pumps @ [ROLY POLY] ($1.  Look for hidden strawberry).  Runched Male Jeans @ [SE* Designz] . Animated Pillow @ Olive JuiceSculpted Wooded 1 prim Stand @ Hanaya. Hat Stand on wall @ LISP.


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