Guys: How to pose in a Pink Shirt

Hello.   Natters here. Everyone knows the old saying “Real Men wear Pink“. Plus real men don’t mind posing in a pink shirt, especially this Pink Shirt & Scarf Combo from Mr Poet.  Cool innit?  ($1 Gift look for a Strawberry). Widely blogged I know but Xanthe jumps at any opportunity to shoo me in the direction of a great find.  Now of course the shade of pink is paramount. It is not just any shade of pink. I think I would have drawn a line & hide if it were sugary candy floss pink (!!!).   (Well.. a guy’s gotta hang on to his dudeness in this world of pink).  However, this pink is kinda cool…dusky… and if you add the pair if Headphones from [NV] (GMFB Hunt) and some rough & ready grubby, sexy  Jeans from WOE plus Boots from Ispachi, you just about get away looking like a cool dude.  Declan Shape @ CS Shapes

 Here is how NOT to pose in a Pink shirt. Hrrrumph…. I rest my case (!!!)  😀

Other creditsHair is Haku @ LotusPoses Diesel Works & Purple Poses (girl one above & Gift on GFBH).  Backdrop is the furniture set you will find in the new “A little Bird Told Me” where you will find some cute & cosy whimsical furniture.


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