Miss Pretty Sulky

Yesh, I am pretty sulky today despite the fine weather and the Grand National horse racing being on….probably as sulky as Khan was when he couldn’t take a bite of his friday night fix of “whoopie pie”.  Poor chap.  He was in pain and admitted to making pitiful noises “of a whining whale”. Men.  LOLOL.  Anyway, whatever I am sulking about..(sadly I am too sulky to acknowledge what is troubling me) ….I think the only cure is a dollop of triple coned Hagan Daas ice-cream.  Aye.  Now there is a “cure-all” for everything….though sadly not toothache. The combined effect of ice-cream on a  chipped tooth is likely to send poor old Khan into convulsions and a quick speed dial of the local ambulance.  Sorry Khan.  Giggles*   :D.  Anyyywaaay…please find the Hat Hair on the Lucky Board @ W&Y.  The pretty Vintage Dress is Rotten Toe (NSA2 Hunt Gift).  Poses @ Everglow.  Lochdon Boots Theosophy.  Socks @ PIG. Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes.  The Leather Textures you see in on the boxes are new at [K.O.] Framelight Textures.  Another Khan special which I love.  You happy getting the rest of the links?  If you get stuck please feel free to IM in World.  Have a happy weekend! Xanthe ( *_*  )


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