Love your bump!..Yummy mummy Pregancy-Style Shapes (New)

One of my closest RL friends, Nicole,  is about to drop her baby so this one is for you Nic!  Her little mite is a real toughie…he happily swam around in his amniotic fluid & occasionally gave Mummy good kick to let her know he wasn’t asleep while Mummy endured 2 big house moves (including a return trip back home to Australia!).   This baby will deffo play rugger for Australia 😀 . I can’t wait to meet him! Awww.. 😀

Anyway, this young, fresh & sexy Nicole Shape (pregancy-style of course) @ CS Shapes is great for those who want to look naturally pretty & dare I say hot!!.   The pack includes 4 Staged Shapes to see you through each trimester plus a Bonus Shape for when baby is born!  So you get to keep the pretty face and umm… hot, curvy body too 🙂 ). I have  had this shape on for a couple of days & there is definitely some major broodiness going on there…lol.   Includes STYLING DETAILS if you like this particular look. Poses in Pics 2, 3, 4 @ Everglow. More piccies below:


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