All over the place…

I snapped these shots at the weekend after an impromptu visit from a friend who arrived armed with a nice bottle of Claret (which we happily consumed with doughnuts & chocolate). Mon Dieu!  The French would be aghast at such bad taste! 😀  Anyway it was drunkenness & sugar rushes effect was I was just a lil’ bit tipsy when I took these pictures.  They really are all over the place…..but no matter…some cute things worth getting 🙂 

Boldly on….this cute hair is in the Subscribo at the Milana wig shop. Comes with a HUD & a palette of colors.  I was far too tipsy to think about showing more colors.  The pretty Banana Ice Carole Top is by Bounce (M&M Hunt).  Skin is Kassidy Dernier Crie (RFL Charity Donation).  There is also a lovely little opening Hunt on Professor LISP’s new SIM (Cloudbusting Hunt) will get some gorgeous homeware goodies from LISPUrbanizeD, [*Art Dummy!] amongst a few. Some of the items are featured as props in the backdrop (e.g the small chest of Mathilde Drawers & Table Lamp are LISP. I must find the other cloud! Wail*  [There is a Floor Lamp too which I hope to feature next time].  And the tall Floral Display in a Vase is UrbanizeD. Look for a Cloud to get these gifts) .  Siren Hair below @ Shag. Beige Capris @ H.E.DEarrings @ Mandala. Sienna Shape @ CS Shapes (M&M Hunt).  Erika Skin below @ Belleza.  Poses @ MagnifiqueVintage Flats @ Urban Warehouse (M&M Hunt). Pure Eyes @ Umedama Holic. 

I love this pretty SpringRose Top @ ArtMEfashion which is great for spring and can be worn with jeans or shorts.  If you are new to ArtMEfashion I would definitely check it out…loads of pretty Boho Chic style clothing…extremely well made by Professor Moonstone Eiren who teaches all manner of creative arts at Caledon.  BTW..her clothes are seamless!…And boho chic Rules Ok. Check it out!  Glasses above are AIDORU (M&M Hunt).

Think I have sobered up now :))


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