Create some waves with Simply Britnee, A&M, JD Designs + Hanaya…

Hmm…apologies for the long title….didn’t know quite what to call this look (other than Stylish of course!) .  I was knocked to the floor by this wonderful Fantasy Jewellery by JD Designs  so pleased I found an opportunity to show it off a is just the kind of costume jewellery one needs to liven up a bit of black!  A charming set which lends itself to many looks am sure, including formal.   Though I have mixed it with something a little more casual….ie the Menorca Black Outfit @ Acid & Mala Creations. (TOSL Special). Lots of different ways you can wear this outfit btw.  The Charo Hair @ Simply Britnee (New). Tashy Shape @ CS ShapesSkin Sia @ League. Black  Gloves & Pearl [Acide] Enlace Set @ Muka (New).    Blackdrop props: The pretty Mixed Cut Flowers Daffodil Set @ Hanaya. (New). The flowers are sitting in animated bath.  Gorgeous.   Recycled Bench &  Boxes @ [*Art Dummy].   Giraffe @ Stray Pig.

The last word: Maisie loved this look btw 🙂  Normally we are too busy chattering non stop to notice what the other is wearing but she commented which threw me a little ( and I actually paused for breath)  Inicidenty Maisie has bought 2 hungry breedable cats…and then there were 50…..tee hee… 😀


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