Shapely :Annaliese: (Teen-Style Shape) in :American Bazaar:

Time for a touch of spring fever!.. Annaliese is a pretty, pouty Teen-Style Shape for Spring @ CS Shapes.  Now I am talking about the Age of Consent here (so 16-19 yrs).  Eyes are rounder, lips plumper & body..well…shapely and natural I guess (though still tallish & womanly!) ;).  Depending on the skin you use, Annaliese retains an overall youngish look but can look equally sophisticated in say, Glam Affair skins for example.  STYLING Details included of you like this particular look.  To continue with the Spring theme, I dressed Annaliese in the wonderful Fhresh Tank & Leggings from American Bazaar.(Festival Of Spring Special).  Adorable set!  (Ty Missqwerty!).  Poses @ Everglow. Eyes @ Umedama Holic. Hmm..time for a glass of iced Pimms and a sit down in the garden :).  Fuller view below:


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