Fabulous new bendy, SEXY Poses @ BENT!

Anyone who knows Catherine Fairport, will be aware of her passion for poses. She collects them as I do skins & hair!  Cat has now channelled this passion into creating some very nifty, bendy, super sexy Poses @ BENT! which are art inspired and a dream for bloggers & photographers. I confess I LOVE them.  Check them out of you can!  PLUS there is also a 3 pose friend’s Opening Gift so make sure you scoop that up. 

I have featured a few of the poses here just togive you a flavor of what is in Catherine’s new Pose Shop BENT! . I will certainly be using more in forthcoming posts. 

Gorgeous Blue Koi Dress above is  @ Acid & Mala for Festival of Spring Festival ‘ 11 (Event runs from  3/21 to 3/25).  Gorgeous items on offer for $60.   Bethany Shape @ CS Shapes (PCF Donation); Piercings & Necklace @ Mandala;  Skin @ League; White Rough Boots @ Clematis (Gatcha). [Love] Jade HairThe Fashion Garrett  (Special Offer).  Wall Decor (Love is Our Resistance) @ Absolution.

Sexy Red Dress @ Sassy! (PCF Donation). White Pumps @ R2.   Apple @ [Art Dummy].  Aren’t these poses just fabulous?  Thank you Cat! 🙂  


Tart Dress above@ Sassy! (another PCF Donation).


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