A flavor of Euphoria Hunt2…

Hmmm..I managed to muster a little enthusiasm for blogging today though my heart isn’t really in it at the moment, notwithstanding the recent events ( World, rl and sl).  Very sad times.  I went on the Euphoria Hunt2 yesturday…it was eerily quiet.  Some gifts were not rezzed which is worrying,  especially given the catastrophic disaster in Japan & the Pacific (made worse for the authorities as the fears of nuclear materials leaking have become a reality). Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.   If you able to support the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, please see my earlier post.      Meanwhile, if you are looking for a small SIM Hunt to keep you occupied, I would definitely recommend the Euphoria Hunt2.  You need a Group tag to get the gifts (look for letter “E”) and most of the gifts are lovely, like the Fellini Couture Taupe Gown (above & below). Very elegant.  I haven’t seen ol’ Xanthers looking so ladylike!  (She has slight tomboyish leanings and happily spent many months as a newbie in her low rise jeans and short crop cropped hair (the look was enhanced by a cheapie AO) :)). Seems an age now but thankfully the tomboy look is refined and old friends remain  🙂

The simple :BlackRuffle Dress: Below is House of Fox, worn with :Hair: @ Loq.  :Poses & Picture Frame: are DARE . :Lashes: @ MONS. (Find all these items on the Euphoria Hunt2).   :Shape: is Tashy @ CS Shapes. :Erika Skin: @ Belleza.  :Eye-make: @ Platik (Lazy Sundays)


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