Support the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser…(please)

I did not feel comfortable blogging SL fashion in view of recent events in Japan.  It did not feel right somehow.  And anyone who watched the footage  of the after effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the Pacific coast cannot help but feel horrified & saddened at the huge loss of life & the devastation caused to whole communities and towns, many of which were completely wiped out. The harrowing accounts of some of the victims have been so moving…mothers losing their children, and whole families dessimmated.   Yes, this might be the other world to you and I but somehow it feels eerily close. Not least because many of us have Japanese friends, connections and have also experienced the beauty, joy and humour they bring to the SL community.  I hope this sadness will be translated into a collective form of action by way of  donations (no matter how small) to the relief operation that is now underway. The Japanese are wonderful people, proud, stoical and resilient.  I have no doubt they will survive this crisis and become stronger an even more awesome. In the meantime please help in whatever way you can to support your friends abroad.   

There  is an overwhelming demand to meet  basic needs such as food, water & shelter and the cost of rebuilding the infrastructure etc.  Please dig deep into your pockets and give what you can.  It doesn’t matter how small.  It all adds up!  See below for details how you can help in SL.  You might also consider donating to internationally recognised charities such as the Red Cross or any other reputable charity in your community. 

Please look out for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event which begins on 16th March.  Many content creators will be donating and item for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going direct to Americares Charity.  I, like other designers have already rezzed  Donation Boxes  where you can contribute whatever you wish until the formal Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Sale begins.    Thank you to Keira Seerose and Sanura Snowpaw for organising the event so expeditiously. Please look out for signs similar to this one: 

Fingers crossed for Japan and the Pacific Coast.  We also hope and pray that the radiation leakage from the nuclear reactors in Japan will be contained. A real worry.    

Last Word: Natural disasters come and go.  They are usually devastating and have a profound effect on victims and survivors.  Local disasters remain.  We all experience or witness the effects of  social problems  in own communities whether it be drugs, homeless, crime etc.  Supporting a major crisis abroad does not detract from the significance and importance of local issues.  However, we live in a global community and are connected in one way or another whether we like it or not and it is therefore no longer possible to live in a microcosm (and quite rightly so!)    

Thank you.   



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