Release Day..from the :Locker Room:

Yup, this dude served a lil’ time with his little friend “Fatboy” ($30 Gatcha @ D-Lab) in the now infamous Locker Room Event and left with a cool look (check out the Red Shirt by 22769! Includes Jeans).  Fantastic.  Dude was also given some VIP treatment in the Dressing Room Blue where he was given a cool Mohawk Hair cut by KLETVA.  Sorted.  Mate, now that dude is all jazzed up all he needs is a beer and a lil’ shake of the leg..wink wink* (he has his eye on pretty Petunia but she is playing waaay too hard to get (!) ).  Lets hope she likes his new look :). Grins*. Lucas Shape @ CS ShapesEyes @ Umedama Holic.


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