:Crunching the BuzzUrl: ($49 Event)

Now here is a look you could confidently carry off (imaginatively speaking that is…) if you were the gf of Mr Bon Jovi.  Sexy and slightly dangerous.  You don’t want to mess with this beesh :)).  Check out the Tomoto Dress and the Hanging Birdcage Lamps at the BUZZURL!! $49 Event on the gorgeous Barbee SIM. One week only event. 

I have missed many of SL events lately as Maisie and I have a habit of talking non-stop when we meet, which leaves little room for anything else except getting a cup of tea (all that talking is thirsty work!).  Neither of us can ever get a word in edgeways as we rush to get our sentences out before the conversion veers off in an altogether unrelated direction LOL…(mostly this conversation is carried out without pausing for a virtual breath 🙂 ). 

Anyway, we both went to the BUZZURL!! $49 Event and spent much more than we dared acknowledge to one other (Oh Maisie what did you get? I say.  “Oh just one or two things” she says (which means the contents of the stalls in their entirety). LOL 🙂

Night Dress is Tomoto at (BUZZURL!! $49 Event).  Comes with Hat (not worn).  Hanging Lamps by ::aju:: (BUZZURL!! $49 Event).  Katherine Shape @ CS ShapesMellisa Skin @ Belleza (Current Group Gift).  Dark Ink TattooWickedPoses @ Everglow.  Piercings @ HOD.  Pure Eyes @ Umedama Holic.Plant Sugar Coat


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