Striking Monroesque Looks

Blogging is in part is almost like a diary.  Xanthe had this outfit on yesterday during one of those SL episodes where you almost split your sides from laughing.  I have a blokie friend called “Z” whom most of us (hapless adoring females) have to different degrees, tried to “dress“.  “Z” is the most wonderful guy, funny, kind & just adorable.  But “Z” has absolutely no interest in how his avi looks…& happily rezzes around in his noobie outfit, no shoes or AO much to our amusement.  Well…to cut a long story short, poor ‘ol “Z” was pursuaded to wear an AO to get rid of the goofy stance but it was clearly some since ‘ol “Z” delved into his invent or indeed needed to change his clothes.  Momentarily  he forgot to “right click to wear” the AO and instead of “replace”Poor sod.  His long wig flew off, followed by his tats, then his ratty old tee & finally his pants.  So there he stood completely starkers (AO now firmly in place but nothing much else).  So there insued a mad scramble around the dark recesses if his unfamiliar inventory (as I covered my screen wailing “just type jeans and wear whatever pair pops up first!” ).  LOLZ!  As if that wasnt enough embarrassment for poor ‘ol “Z”….we had managed to persuade him to buy the $30 Motorcycle Gatcha at Clematis thinking he is bound to win a nice macho Harley Chopper Bike (like I did 🙂 ).  Unfortunately, the Gatcha pack also included the pink girlie bicycle complete with pink basket.  Yes you guessed it…poor ol “Z” got the pinkie bike instead (which of course we made him ride).  But what a dude!  He took it all on the chin, was a great sport & whizzed around on his pinkie bike for our perverse entertainment (fully dressed thankfully..phew!).  Aww..we lubbs you Z!  😉

I nearly missed this fabulous Glam Affair Valentine Skin from the Notices so do get for a wonderful Monroesque look.  Love it.  Ty Didi/Aida!  Black Dress is the Special $25 Birthday Dress @ SD Wears.  Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes.  Mai Hair @ D!VA (10,000 Member Gift).  Pure Eyes @ Umedama Holic.  All poses @ Everglow.  Pic taken at Crazy where my lovely friend Lilac spent a bit of her birthday lindens.  Happy Birthday Lilac!  xx


4 thoughts on “Striking Monroesque Looks

  1. Loved this whole outifit on ya, great shop too, love everything I got and going back later for more..never knew you got snappies too you cheeky thing! Had soo much fun with ya AND the boots you sent the Furr one to get are PERFECT!!!! Love ya Xanthe!xx

    1. Aww ty so much Lilac! I had a great day shopping with you and am so happy you had a good Birthday! And yeah..I had a feeling you would love those boots from Skull & Bones heh heh. Then Furr one chose them though. He clearly knows what you like! I took the blog pics before you arrived I think so not that quick LOL. Hugzxx

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