French inspired Vintage Style..

After a period of absence , or indeed abstinence (!!)  from SL (yes, I do on occasions escape to real life to rebalance the ‘ol karma & deal with the fractious guilt that comes from having way too much fun in SL..lolz).  Notleast cos it is also great catching up with  rl friends etc & dealing with all those eeky chores one puts on the back burner (which can also make you feel TONS better too!).  Anyway, I returned to find the most fantabulous new releases!  Some of these you might have already seen but I am like a kid with new toys…I will try to feature as many as I can in forthcoming posts. Many thanks to all the designers for their creative genius and of course Fanny Willis  of Everglow for her generous set of poses to our group.  I always love Fanny’s poses…she manages to produce some funky sets, one of which is above & below.  Ty Fanny! 

The French vintage theme was inspired by the amazing Hat created by the duo (Mila Tatham & Rodroguez Imako) from *Solidea Folies*.  Isn’t fab?  Comes in tons of colors & adds a little glamor to your outfits.  Also check out the Aluinn’s Journey Bracelets and pretty Elemiah Designs Tip Top Dress too! Please see other credits below.




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