:Zeus: Hair (Cupid Love Hunt) + Ispachi Boots @ :The Locker Room:

You will find this funky, choppy Hair @ Zeus on the Cupid Love Hunt.  There are two Gifts (one male/one female).  The Girl hair comes with the “Eat me Darling” Caption (see below). Hehe! You wish (!). Incidentally, the pics were taken at the gorgeously scenic Coma SIM which is on the Menstuff Hunt.  Love this SIM!  Ty Bame!

For the Guys, the HBM Locker Room has just opened and follows a similar format to the notable TDR (but specifically geared towards Guys & the Unisex market). Designers will place a Special Offer item at a markedly reduced price anything from $40 to $70 rotating every couple of weeks.  I grabbed these boots by Ispachi for $69! (please note the pack includes both male/female Boots). 

There are some great outfits at The Locker Room, including  UNISEX items.  The current Designer List includes Ispachi, [hate this] , Rebourne, Larz Stylez , 22769Juice, SubVersion, CS Shapes and many more being added to list! 

Below are the Black Season Ispachi Boots (Pic re-done as in the previous pic the Boots hadn’t rezzed.  Silly me.  Sorry about that!)

The Big Dude Style Joaquim Shape is $70 (See below):


Pics1, 2, & 3

Hair @ Zeus (Cupid Hunt Prize 2/2)

Brown Long Gillet & Frilled Skirt @ Solita (Lucky Board Win)

Black Seasons Boots by Ispachi @ The Locker Room($69 Special)

Eyes @ Umedama Holic

Poses @ Y& R

Pic 4:

Joaquim Shape by CS Shapes @ The Locker Room ($70 Special)

Leather Shirt @ Mr Poet

Black Mohawk @ Black Maria

Skin @ LaVie (Gift on Menstuff Hunt)

Eyes @ Egosime (Part of Gift on Menstuff Hunt)

Jeans @ Kobalt (Menstuff Hunt Item)

Pose @ Everglow



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