:Clematis: Gatcha & some other goodies

This is the sexy, sultry Katherine Shape*@ CS Shapes (Limited Offer Lucky Board Prize) modelling the fabulous Two-Way Cardigan @ ClematisGatcha). You can get the Green Cardigan as a Group Gift but I thought this remarkable creator is soooo generous I bought 2 Gatchas for $30 each which yielded the Purple Two-Way Cardigan and a  funky Bike!  I shall try and show you the Clematis Bike  in the next post.  Needless to say I immediately told Squashy as she loves cute anything cute & fun! So you are bound to see her shooting the breeze on her Clematis Bike on a beach somewhere , possibly with her beloved L.  Giggles*. 

The Poses ($70 for Set of 5) & the Ruffle Skirt ($40) are @ Y&R.  Cheap as chips! This is a great little shop full of very affordable items of clothing, furniture & poses etc. Plus you will find 2 cute LB’s too! The striped Neck warmer is Couverture (Group gift) which I am sure you have already seen widely blogged.   Eyes are Umedema Holic (Gift). 

Below is a pic of the Katherine* Shape which is available as a Lucky Board Prize for a couple of days and then available to buy thereafter.   


6 thoughts on “:Clematis: Gatcha & some other goodies

  1. hey just wondering what the skin in the top picture is? I know I should know it… I keep looking at the lips and thinking I should definitely know where it’s from but I can’t place it. It’s quite pretty ^^

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