More Fab :Menstuff: items to collect..

Great finds on the Menstuff Hunt so I hope you are having fun collecting them!  Just a quick post on several of the items my hapless male alt was able to find (he usually hunts with his buddy Click, but got a little left behind).  Click is a demon Hunter…and quite possibly has a trail of followers as he is pretty sharp at finding the hidden objects, unlike my male alt, Natters, who is a bit of a windbag (ie chats a lot) LOL.  Anyways….here are a few nice finds.  You might have noticed that designers are getting rather clever at disguising the ‘ol “Ken hump” as Cookie calls it (check out the Lazybum Briefs & Tank which look great in this respect)…Natters was rather proud of his (boys and their toys huh? lol), though he was a little grumpy at being made him stand in the cold in his jockies…giggles* (see bottom pics).  Also LOOK AT the Kobalt  Rock Star Jeans below, arent they fab?! Coughs* I mean, they are way cool…innit? 😉


“Mean & Moody Rockstar”  Top pics 1 & 2:

  • Cap hair @ Sekuella (Menstuff Hunt Gift #135)
  • Oscar Shape @ CS Shapes (Menstuff Hunt Gift #62- comes with handy “Tips on  Male Attachments“-written by SB (!!)
  • Shawn Skin @ Belleza
  • Rock Star Striped Tank & Urban Ripped JeansKobalt  (Menstuff Hunt Gift # 32 )
  • Test Boots @ Deco (Menstuff Hunt Gift # 30 )
  • Hollows Piercings @ i-poke (Menstuff Hunt Gift # 49 )
  • Toothfairy Ring @ Kosh  (part of the Menstuff Hunt Gift #34 ) .  See the Trousers in earlier post. Xanthers “stole” those! LOL

“College Boy Swat” Bottom Pics 3 & 4:

  • Oscar Shape @ CS Shapes (as before)
  • Dean Skin @ Filthy
  • Hair @ Dura
  • MS Briefs & Tank with bulge @  Lazybum  (Menstuff Hunt # 33)
  • Rockstar Poses @ Eternal Dream (Menstuff Hunt #8 )
  • Boots @ Deco (as before)
  • Morrocan Eyes @ Poetic Colors (earlier Xmas Gift)

Please find all the links/hints & Mr Menstuff competition relating to the Menstuff Hunt here.


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