:Lingerie Special: & other goodies

Poor ‘ol Xanthers is tone-deaf in rl (in sense I cannot distinguish notes) & piano lessons were always out of the question. So it was rather fun pretending to be a musical ingenue for the day..giggles*.  Nevertheless, I love Chopin, and whatever it is I hear moves me in more ways than I care to think about…Anyway…the lovely skins are  :Juicy: @ Candydoll (Goth in pale) (Ty Rebeca!).  The skin is widely blogged so am you will have seen it in full. Juicy Skin also comes in very neutral tones with pretty make-up options for a more natural look.  The :Purple Burlesque Lingerie: is currently on Special Offer  @ AMD (Only $25 limited offer!).  Comes is Red too & is perfect to Valentine’s!  Hair is ” Could I Resist” ($50 FLF @ Clawtooth).  Also check out the :Olive Boots: @ Tiny Bird! (Also FLF $50). Please see other credits below. 

I have included a mad pic I took close up featuring the punky :Green/Purple Hair: Fiction & Choas.  Just for fun :). See bottom pic…One of the best things about being a bit of a wanderer in SL is that I find the most amazing SIMS which provide for great backdrops.  I usually have to fight a little lag & often the alpha particles cause a few jaggy edges.  But sometimes increasing your resolution whilst reducing your graphic settings helps with the jaggies.  My graphic settings are never greater than medium but I do think it has a lot to do with your video card too!  


      • Juicy Skin (Goth_Pale) @ Candydoll (New)
      • Purple Burlesque Lingerie @ AMD (New & $25 Limited Offer)
      • Hair @ Clawtooth (FLF $50)
      • Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes (New)
      • Olive Boots @ Tiny Bird (FLF $50)
      • Polka Dot Dress @ Allure
      • Lip Candy Beads @ Fiction & Chaos (Gift)
      • Purple & Green Hair @ Fiction & Chaos (earlier 2010 Hair Fair Gift)
      • Standing Poses @ Everglow
      • Lilac Eyes @ Umedama Holic

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