Let loose on :Reasonable Desires: & other goodies…

Hmm…this is what happens when ol Xanthers is let loose in her invent….a look emerges which is a mix of new and various other bits and pieces which suddenly popped up while I did an inventory sweep.  The new items are of course the quirky !Imabee Group Gift Petal Skin (too cute..check out the numerous spluttering of freckles lol), and the very pretty Lingerie (great for  frolicking about on Valentine’s day…especially for those in the throes of a romantic attachment..).  You can scoop up the Lingerie on the Sim-wide  Hunt at Reasonable Desires. (Please see the links below).

Lots of other goodies in this look. Here is a little flavor of some of the fun new releases including these cute Stella Shoes from Dilly Dolls, and oh goodness, yes the Red Cerena & Ginette Hair from {{trico}} .  Check out the cute dollarbie Poses @ Marunkin.  Please bear with me…there are more piccies than usual in this post!


Petal Skin @ !Imabee (New Group Gift..look near LP!)

Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes (New)

Cerena & Ginette Red hair in Pics 4,5,6,7 @ {{trico}} (New LB Win)

Lingerie @ Reasonable Desires (NewSim-wide Hunt items. 16 Boxes to find)

Stella Shoes @ Dilly Dolls (New-Hud Driven with lots of colors to choose from)

Pink Polka Dot Dress @  Allure  (New)

Blue Sunglasses @ BlackOwl (LB Win)

Blue floral Hairbow @ Ticky Tacky

Moroccan Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Christmas Gift)

Poses @ Marulin  (Free & Dollarbies)



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