New Tashy*Shape & :Eclectica: Flourish* Jewellery

Pretty Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes (New) & the gorgeous Flourish Necklace in Pewter  @ Eclectica Jewellery (New!).  The Necklace comes with matching Brooch and Earrings (hidden under hair :p).  But I hope you can see the quality of the necklace.  It’s beautifully made and simply stunning!

 Incidentally, the sparkly floaty bits are part of an outfit 4th Anniversary Dress from Secrets of Gaia. (Subscribo Gift for exsting subscribers). Non-subscribers can buy the dress for $50 which represents a real bargain considering the quality & detail.    I haven’t shown the dress in full, but hope to do that soon.  However, it is a wonderfully irridescent & well made…I loved the outer layers especally which were used in the shots above and below.  TASHY Shape comes with the customary Styling Details if you like this particular look. 


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